On behalf of the Ukrainian delegation Vladyslav Atroshenko spoke at the Congress of the Council of Europe

On behalf of the Ukrainian delegation Vladyslav Atroshenko spoke at the Congress of the Council of Europe


In Strasbourg from 19 October held 31 session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, in which the Ukrainian delegation participates Chernihiv Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.

It's been voting for a new president of Congress. It became the first president woman  in the history of Congress – Gudrun Mosler-Törnström. Her powers will continue for next two years.

On the second day of the international forum on behalf of the Ukrainian delegation Vladislav Atroshenko delegation spoked to the participants. The discussion concerned gender equality. The topic of the discussion was gender equality.

He emphasized that the Ukrainian delegation supported the resolution on gender policy, since equal rights and opportunities should be guaranteed for all. The policy of gender equality step by step really implemented in Ukraine, but in this direction must be even more work.

The mayor also noted that, according to the Index of gender inequality in 2015, Ukraine ranked 83 among 150 countries. Equality between men and women is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. At the legislative level, our country has made a lot of steps in this direction.

In 2015, Ukraine has adopted amendments to the Law "Political Parties in Ukraine", the essence of which is that the lists of political parties must be represented by at least 30% women.

Ukraine adopted a National Action Plan on gender equality. Under this plan, local authorities have to take the program in implementation gender equality at the local level.

In supporting families and gender equality Chernihiv City Council is guided by the Integrated Regional program. To the city program of economic and social development in 2016 are included thesises about ensuring for equal rights and opportunities for women and men. In Chernihiv annually held the gender analysis of city council personnel. The quantity of the Deputies of Chernihiv City Council is 42, 12 of them – women, which consists almost 30% of the total number . This is a significant increase if  compared to the previous convocation.

In the City Council's structural units works 215 women and only 79 men. Over 20% of management positions occupied by women.

In concluding of the speech Vladyslav Atroshenko said: "We realize that the situation in gender policy in Ukraine must be improved, so we will continue to implement these standards in our country, consider European experience and recommendations in the report".


 The first day of the Congress session


Along with Vladyslav Atroshenko is Gudrun Mosler-Törnström from Austria, she is the first woman who was elected the President of the Congress. She said that the democracy strengthening, human rights and the rule of law at the local and regional levels are the main objectives of the Congress.


By the materials of Chernihiv City Council