Invitation for tenders

Invitation for tenders




Financing of implementation of energyefficient measures in general educational institution №5 and street lighting system in





Energyefficient renovation of general educational institution №5 (reconstruction), 23-A, Sosnova st. in Chernihiv


Department of Capital Construction of Chernihiv City Councilhereinafter referred to as “the Employer”, intends to use part of the proceeds of a loan from the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) towards the cost of window and door replacement, wall and roof insulation, replacement of slate covering with metal tiles, arrangement of hipped roof with metal tiles above workshop building on existing reinforced concrete roof structure, installation of new pre-insulated district heating pipes from the school building to the workshop building, upgrade of electric stove, kitchen ventilation and internal lighting, restoration of blind area, porchs, ramps, existing pits and entrances to the basement, insulation of ventilation ducts on the roof, installation of drainage system in general school №5.


The Employer now invites tenders from Contractors for the following contract to be funded from part of the proceeds of the loan:


  • Supply and installation of 434,59 sq. m. energyefficient windows and 25,91 sq. m. energyefficient doors with arrangement of slopes, supply and installation of materials for insulation of 4060,1 sq. m. of walls, materials for insulation of 2945,93 sq. m. of attic, restoration of blind area, arrangement of hipped roof and replacement of slate covering with metal tiles, restoration of stairs, peaks, porchs, light pits, ramp and unloading window of catering unit, entrances to the gym and the basement, installation of new pre-insulated district heating pipes, upgrade of electric stove, kitchen ventilation and internal lighting, adjustment of developed design and cost documentation and its expertise in general school №5..


To be qualified for the award of a contract, tenderers must satisfy the following minimum criteria:


  • the Tenderer, has the financial, technical and production capability and capacity necessary to perform the Contract, and Tenderer’s average annual revenue in the previous three years was at least two times greater than price of his tender. In case of tender submitted by JVCA, the leading partner should demonstrate at least 50% compliance with the requirement;


  • the Tenderer has satisfactorily supplied similar plant and works to other purchasers and completed at least five (5) similar contracts in the recent five years


  • the Tenderer or its agent will be able to carry out warranty obligations;


  • the Tenderer is not bankrupt or under bankruptcy procedures according to the national legislation or regulations;


  • in the case of a Tenderer offering to supply plant under the Contract which the Tenderer does not manufacture or otherwise produce, the Tenderer has been duly authorised by the plant’s manufacturer or producer to supply the plants in the


Purchaser’s country.


Tender documents, upon request from prospective tenderer, will be sent by email free of charge in electronic format (PDF file). If requested, the documents will be sent by Employer to Tenderer on terms and conditions agreed by the two.


All tenders must be accompanied by a tender security in the amount of not less than 0.5 percent of the tender price in the currency of the tender. The purpose of tender security is to ensure the tenderers are serious about their participation, irrespective of the contract size.


Tenders must be delivered to the office at the address below on or before 10 a.m. 17.08.17., at which time they will be opened in the presence of those tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend.


Meeting with Tenderers and Customer representatives to visit project sites will take place at 10 a.m. 12.07.17. Hetmana Mazepy st., 19, room_# 18.


Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and also inspect and acquire the tender documents at, the following office:


Makarov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

Department of Capital Construction of Chernihiv City Council

Ukraine, 14000, Chernihiv, Hetmana Mazepy st., 19

Tel.: +38 (0462) 77 48 42